6,500 DKK

Nyt sofistikeret og råt Aluminium Kunst

Aluminium – Green Emerald Lady – Den Grønne Smaragd Dame

65 x 40 cm

For sale




The painting “The green emerald lady”, she is expressive with her orange red hair, she is seductively mysterious in her expression and at the same time soothingly healing in her emerald green colors. Therefore she is a gem of emerald.

The painting “The Green Emerald Lady” is about the cycle of life and symbolizes a sea of ​​burgeoning growth, thoughtfulness and healing.

An embrace of love for yourself.

A healing painting that creates balance inside you and in your home.

Artist Helle Louise tells about the painting “Since I was 17 years old, I have been preoccupied with other worlds and how colors, energies and light can heal and calm our minds. I have always been drawn to the green emerald gemstone and therefore I name her
“The Green Emerald Lady”.
Emerald is associated with the goddess Venus, and according to prophecies is believed to be able to protect love life. The reason I call her “lady” and not “woman” is mostly because she symbolizes more of a round-embracing and soulful mother earth than my typical term for a woman.

This painting is one of a select few that will be immortalized in a special edition print on aluminum plate, where Helle Louise herself subsequently adds some details to emphasize the contours in the colors. This makes the aluminum work appear raw and delicious and is very authentic and transparent in the colors from the original painting.

Helle Louise has signed and numbered the aluminum Artwork.

The price is incl. unique hidden aluminum wall mount on the back.