Biography – Helle Louise Kierkegaard

Lui – a Danish spiritual artist

Artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard, also known as Lui (Born 1972) is a spiritual Danish artist. Through her art you are invited into a Universe, where you will be taken on a magical journey where transformation, hope, fear, dreams, screams, love and embrace will talk to your soul. The Artist has developed her own mysterious and unique artform – appreciated World-wide.

The international interest has been intense, ever since she won first prize at the Miami Art Fair in 2008, in the US, where she lived and worked for almost 3 years. Lui, Helle Louise Kierkegaard, is a fulltime artist with a diploma in Fine Arts from the University of Miami, speaker and art-teacher of different schools of art. Lui is displaying her artwork in Miami, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Norway.

Lui is working from her 3 studios where she spends her time working and living: By the West coast in Denmark. 7 years at the North Atlantic Ligthouse by the ocean, from Copenhagen and from Iceland. In 2019 she relocated and moved from Copenhagen to her West Coast art recidence permanently.

Here she´s working from her new studio

My fundamental mission as an artist is to build a bridge from the physical to the spiritual World, through my paintings – To create a state between dream and reality where the viewer recognizes a longing, spontaneous or continuous feeling when observing my paintings.

Meditation is one of Helle Louise Kierkegaard’s daily rituals in the creation of all her works of art
My everyday life begins with a meditation where daily mantras are included. It calms my mind and makes me ready to take on the new day in clarity. When my mind is reassured, I learn with greater clarity inner and outer phenomena that help me in the creation of my paintings. I also understand better other creatures and are aware of how I can help them in the most beneficial way through color and energy.
Meditation is basically a strong tool for me in the creation of my soul paintings

My four studios

Helle Louise Kierkegaard works from her 3-4 studios. The base and the studio by the Oceon ART-LUI, the North Atlantic lighthouse in Hanstholm, a work refuge in Iceland and a work refuge in Sardinia, Italy.

Founder of Gallery Art-Lui

Artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard is founder and owner of Gallery and studio ART-LUI. Here you can experience the artist´s latest soulpaintings and works in progress in a vibrant gallery.

Location: Gallery Art-Lui & Studio Strandvejen 143A. Tranum Strandgård kunst og kulturcenter, 9460 Brovst - Denmark

Visit Gallery ART-LUI Strandvejen 143A , 1. Sal.

Miami Art fair 2009

Diploma and certification of achievement award in Fine Art from West campus, Miami
"She paints with the wings of an Angel, a rare mixture of sensitivity and raw power. Her art is genius and innovative, almost like a new sound of intense expressionism."
Quote: Mayor (Borgmester) Juan Carlos Bermudez, Miami 2008-09

My Beloved Applegirl

My Applegirl and the red apple is the fundamental essence of my entire creativity and symbol of our fertility, creativity and abundance – an inner colourful ever-changing journey of one or more secrets.

My own interpretation and conviction is that every red apple contains a secret. The apple also symbolizes eternal youth, enchantment and love.

The red apple is the essence of life and death. The story goes way back to Adam and Eve. The story about temptation, expectations of something sweet and exciting. The apple however can pose a certain threat, work as a weapon – if being poisoned.

Regardless of how we interpret the apple, it holds the essence of an unpredictable mystery and the fact that we will never be allowed to live in full harmony. The apple symbolize a new era, new travel and a new beginning.

Furthermore, the apple symbolizes an upcoming renewal.

Meet my applegirl here

The brutal and the vulnerable

My colorful life has provided me a diverse inspiration to work with both raw brutality as well as the softness and vulnerability of life in my paintings. All of my paintings consist of at least 7 layers of paint symbolizing the temple we all carry deep within our body. I work with many layers in my paintings and use an exclusive thick High Gloss finish which beautifies each paintings expression in a very deep, intense and unique way. Every painting is created from precious sacred champers from my heart.

Light is a very important source of my fundamental inspiration.

Since year 2014 I have been working from my studio by the Atlantic ocean in the North Atlantic Lighthouse in the city of Hanstholm and from the changeable center of the city of Copenhagen.

The energy changes between light and darkness, big-city dynamics and the power and tranquility of the ocean side.

Furthermore, I use a lacquer technique which makes the light from the colours stand out. Light is energy and I work very consciously with the light and combination of colours.

The lacquer works with the colours in a very intense and visible way and highlights the paintings. It is a very magical light energy.

The light in my works is crucial for the final result. Light is vibrations and energies also referred to as angel dust and life.

Jump on the carousel

A good story with a link to a Childhood episode is where the adventure starts. The artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard began her artistic journey under the staircase of her childhood home. Here she found her own space. She imagined herself at the age of 90 sitting on a Carrousel and powdering her nose. As an eccentric old Lady who had lived her life according to her dream and with the help of all her angels and guides along the way.

The carrousel plays an important role in the life of the artist. She imagines jumping on the carousel upon one of the animals and every time a new adventure starts, a new story and a new painting.

The carrousel represents a lot of power animals – most of all horses which symbolizes power and agility. The horse is also a symbol for freedom and inner most urges and transformations - all symbolizing transformation and enlightenment, a new journey, new roads, new tracks - a continuous flow. I love the idea of the horses on the carrousel coming to life and jumping out into life and out of the darkness and their comfort-zone. This is exactly what life is all about, moving forward and using darkness to navigate towards the light

Galleries and exhibitions

Besides many international exhibitions, Lui, Helle Louise Kierkegaard, is represented permanently in:
Gallery Habsoe in Denmark