Art retreat

A magical weekend in The North Atlantic Lighthouse

Like a lighthouse spreading its light beyond the landscape, the soul spreads its light beyond the inner landscape, and can draw attention to abilities and strengths we did not think we had - depths we could not be able to solder before.

You now have the opportunity to be part of a magical creation weekend in Hanstholm Lighthouse, where teacher and professional performing artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard guides you through the creation of several works throughout the weekend. You will have the opportunity to create both large and small works of art and no paintings are required, only curiosity and immersion in the doctrine of the significance of colors and light in the creation of a painting. Artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard has many years of experience in art dissemination and runs daily his own Gallery at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen.

She teaches and organizes workshops, courses, private lessons and art retreats and also exhibits her own works at Galleries at home and abroad.

Helle Louise lives and works both in Copenhagen and in Hanstholm where she has both Atelier and holds courses from.
This weekend in Hanstholm lighthouse invites the artist to an exciting inner work where you will work to get through to the soul / the higher self light through creativity through intense paints and open theaters from morning to evening.

You have the opportunity to retire from everyday life and be in a unique creation process over 3 days, both meditative and renewal-like walking into yourself and in the quietness of your heart.

This weekend is for those who want to paint and create and be in one with the magnificent nature and pure heart energy.

This art weekend is inclusive of the VESTERHAVET, food and lodging, course materials, teaching in the magic of light by artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard - as well as full boarding from a delicious kitchen where there will be delicious healthy food after weather and wind. Teachers / slips out of the 3 including the course can be purchased by Helle Louise at cost price.

If you are interested in hearing more about the course, please contact Helle Louise Kierkegaard at + 45 22434727