The Apple Girl

Here is the truthful story behind the story and Logo of my Apple Girl.Logo

Please watch Movie🍎The Apple-girl.




My Apple-girl came to me in connection with a near-death experience I had back in 2008.
My heart stopped and I left my body.
I experienced that my soul was hovering above my body.

In this very moment I was surrounded by the most beautiful, warm and divine light.
The light manifested itself in me and did that I chose to return to my body, but now as a new soul.

My Apple-girl exists on somewhat similar terms.

She is in the same body, shape and silhouette. A new soul in a continuous change through colours, light and energy.
My Apple-girl is really close to my heart maybe that is why the apple is shaped like a heart. A heart can be broken and healed. The essence of the apple promises sweetness however can also symbolize pain.
Every time I paint my Apple-girl, it is like I am sending a piece of soul, light and magic into the World. Something, which originates deep within myself.

My Apple-girl varies in age all depending on the mood, state of mind and inspiration that I find myself in. From a little girl to a grown woman.
In many ways, she is a substantial and integrated part of me. When I stray too much or if I have too many things going on, I turn to her, because she grounds me and is fundamental for me to be able to create new paintings.

The mystery surrounding my Apple-girl is that seemingly she turns her back to us as spectators. However, she is just going in the same direction as we look. We do not see her from the front, which creates mystery, curiosity and a certain suspense.  In one of her hands she holds a red apple and for the people walking towards her, this apple is hidden, however for us standing behind her it is visible.

The red apple is the essence of life and death. The story goes way back to Adam and Eve. The story about temptation, expectations of something sweet and exciting. The apple however can pose a certain threat, work as a weapon – if being poisoned. Regardless of how we interpret the apple, it holds the essence of an unpredictable mystery and the fact that we will never be allowed to live in full harmony. The apple symbolized a new era, new travel and a new beginning.

It is what she hides behind her back that makes the Apple-girl secretive.
The question is – do we dare to take a bite of the apple.

My Applegirl is now also my Logo.