My greatest missions as an artist is to ensure that the viewer at first sight senses the romance, harmony and beauty in my paintings. At further exploration the viewer should come across one or more underlying disturbing elements. A painting must have an edge, a quirkiness just as life itself. We are never allowed to live in full harmony. There has to be something to scour our eyes and soul in order to let the light in.

Miami Art Fair

Soul Painting by ART-LUI
Soul Painting by Art-Lui (Helle Louise Kierkegaard) Islands Brygge, Copenhagen Sept. 2016. Video by Arjuna Govinda from

Lui Artist statement
Artist 'Lui' ~ Helle-louise Kierkegaard ~ speaks about why she paints women. Filmed at 'Atelier Lui' in Copenhagen September 2014. Incidental music by Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen and video editing by Arjuna Govinda of - A collaborative effort.

ART-LUI Galleri Nobel april 2016
Helle Louise Kierkegaard is speaking about her work, the apple girl and ART-LUI at the Galleri Nobel, Norway april 2016

Kunstner Helle Louise Kierkegaard/Lui
Lui is painting for the the Jazz festival 2015