Work retreat Iceland

The unpredictable underground streams and energies created by the Icelandic vulcanos have drawn artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard to Iceland. Icelands raw invigorating and healing nature is in sharp contrast to the dynamic, pulsating city life, which Copenhagen represents.

Helle Louise had several magical stays in Iceland, the Nordic country with its mystery, orange lighthouses, vulcanos, Northern lights and not the least an endless number of rainbows and ever changing adventurous colours of the sky. The green aurora borealis (Northern lights) is deeply inspiring to Helle Louise and is incorporated into the creation of her new paintings. It will draw you into a different time and magical World.

Helle Louise will, as of september 2018, start working regularly in Iceland. She will be painting in a studio in the city of Grindavik, close to the ocean, volcanoes and an orange lighthouse.