Gallery & Atelier ART-LUI

Visit Gallery and Atelier ART-LUI and meet the artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard/Lui in her own Gallery ART-LUI located at Islands Brygge, a very trendy and popular area of Copenhagen. Artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard is founder and owner of Gallery and Atelier ART-LUI. Here you can experience the latest soul-paintings and paintings in progress, in a working studio.

For presentation and opening hours of Galleri & Atelier ART-LUI Please contact Helle Louise Kierkegaard at + 45 22434727


Gallery & Atelier Art-Lui
Isafjordsgade 4
Dk-2300 Copenhagen S

Here you will always be able to find the latest paintings inspired by Lui’s Art-refuge stays on for instance Sardinia and Iceland. Furthermore, a lot of paintings in the making will be on display. Paintings inspired travels to Italy, France, Iceland and the magnificent nature surrounding her studio at the North-Atlantic lighthouse in Hanstholm. Insert Link
In the Gallery a lot of exciting courses and workshops are held throughout the year:

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