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For you who love to create yourself. I receive many inquiries and requests for courses for children, young people and adults alike.

The time before summer 2018 was characterized by deepening and new roads. I'm in full swing with new colorful projects and dedication. It is both an inward journey, but also a journey the Nordic countries in particular, that are pulling me now. But do not despair, because I have already planned and scheduled new autumn courses 2018.

Individual courses

Individual courses is very popular and this requires no prior knowledge.

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Team courses

Team classes are popular for you who want to exchange ideas with others.

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Art retreats

Experience a magical weekend in Hanstholm Lighthouse with Helle Louise Kierkegaard.

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Thank you so much...

Dearest Lui. Thank you so much for your presence, light and inspiration. I have been mesmerized by your colors and I am looking forward to going home to continue working with my soul-painting. I already see a lot of images, waiting to be painted and because of this course I will let my creativity and spirituality take the place that I am so much longing for. Thank you so much for sharing your soul.

Magic and adventurous

It has been two amazing days in a universe created by you with a lot of magic, stardust and beautiful colors….finally a little water and the most beautiful painting appears, that is magic ..nothing but my deepest respect for you and your artistic abilities and the calm sensitivity and empathy you possess. It is wonderful and helps to create a magic and adventurous space…I can highly recommend your course and I am looking forward to seeing you again.
Pia, Course participant

Great experience

It was an amazing experience to see how Helle Louise Kieregaard with a few tips and tricks, helped me discover new ways to find my own creativity. It encouraged me to experiement. The entire ambiance was filled with proximity, joy, openness and love. With me I took happiness, high and peacefulness and so much more than I had ever expected

Anna Christine Christensen, Certified Coach, B.H.Comm.


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If you are coming from out of town, you can easily combine your course with a stay in wonderful Copenhagen, with exciting museums, cafe’s and hotels. There are affordable prices at Hotel Copenhagen, which is only approx. 50 meters from Gallery ART-LUI. The courses are held in the popular area of Islands Brygge, where you will find a lot of small unique shops and great cafés.

Workshop for the whole family

In Gallery ART-LUI, in the tradition of Christmas, the very popular Christmas Bazar workshop is held for the whole family, the first Saturday in December each year. Here we create magical Christmas presents, and when we are really lucky Santa Claus stops by.

Workshop for the whole family