Single Education

Single education is very popular and requires no prior knowledge. All you need is a curiosity and longing to dive into a play with healing colors and techniques and to create a personal painting for you to bring home. I will guide you through the entire process.

You who are experienced and lacking sparring and inspiration, I will guide you in specific techniques that you will be able to use in the future.

Price for single education is DKK 4.500 per course incl. refreshments and all materials.
Course duration: 2 days of 5 hours in total. It is constructive, intense and transforming.

In case you are 2 persons who want a course together we can arrange it. Discount price 500kr in total.

Registration amount, which also is a deposit amounts to DKK 1.000 per course participant. Registration is binding and the amount should be deposited into Danske Bank. Registration is confirmed once deposit has been paid and received. Rest of the amount has to be transferred into the account, the same date as the course starts, at the latest. Please add your name and course number to the transfer.

Teaching speech & hearing impaired

Helle louise Kierkegaard has great experience in teaching speech & hearing impaired. Here from a course with deaf-mute Henriette.