Order your SoulPainting

It starts with a conversation

Soulpaintings start out with an initial conversation. We will go through color scheme, size and a theme if required. I will create you soul painting based on our conversation, energy and spiritual guidance. The goal is always to create a healing painting, both when it comes to colors as well as expression.

A soulpainting can be ordered in all sizes up to 300 x 180. It will take approximately 3 months to create a soul painting and you do not pay until you have received and approved your soul painting. It is very important to me that you are completely content with your painting, which is why you get to take it home for a week before you pay. You only pay 20% of the agreed price as a deposit in order to confirm your order of your own personal soulpainting. The rest amount is not settled before you have approved you soul painting. A soulpainting conversation is a non-committal conversation, where your life story will be included and where you can ask questions and feel if you want to order a healing soulpainting.

I only conduct one soul conversation per day and you can book either from 2 pm to 3:30 pm or from 6;30 pm to 8 pm, whatever time is best for you.  The conversation will be held in Copenhagen or in Tranum by the Oceon where I I live and work.. The conversation can be by phone, mail or skype. When I receive your booking and it has been confirmed, I will prepare and be ready to talk to you on the time agreed.

I am often travelling around the country and it will therefore be possible to book me for a personal conversation in Kolding, Århus and Odense as well.  Furthermore, this will also be possible in Olso, Norway or Reykjavik, Iceland.

If you wish to book a soulpainting conversation or if you have any further questions regarding soulpaintings, please feel free to contact Helle Louise Kierkegaard at phone + 45 22434727 or write to me.