4,000 DKK

Personal Oracle painting is available in a nice square measure 30 x 30 cm.

For sale


If you walk around with unresolved grief, then you should know that you are not alone.

I dedicate my creativity and soul journey in the year 2023 to create Oracle- and Soul paintings.
I would like to invite you to the creation of your own personal Oracle- or Soul painting.

Just for information, an Oracle painting is a slightly different version of what I call a Soul painting. Let me give you a brief description of both:

A Soul painting is a larger painting where you yourself are the co-creator by telling me a piece of your life story, either by telephone or physical meeting in Copenhagen or in North Jutland. I use my intuition and color science together with you as a guide to a color palette that harmonizes with your color wishes to create a healing masterpiece for your home in exactly the canvas size you want.

An Oracle painting is a smaller painting that you can take with you everywhere and is, as a starting point, a mantra and a message for you that I meditate on.  The only thing you have to do together with your order is send me your name and contact info and I will then meditate on a mantra and theme that can enlighten and support you on your further path forward in life.
A healing personal Oracle painting you can use and take with you into your everyday prayer and meditation.

My mission is that with your Oracle or Soul painting and mantra you will feel lifted and embraced and know that you are not alone.

My New Year’s offer to you in the creation of a personal Oracle painting is in a nice square measure 30 x 30 cm.

Both an Oracle painting and a Soul painting are painted on the 4 cm exclusive aperture frame on which the painting continues beyond the sides and forms an integrated frame for the entire painting.

Your Oracle painting includes a story in the form of a mantra, affirmation, and story that I write down as I create your personal oracle painting. You will receive both an original personal Oracle painting and a personal description for you attached to the painting.

Your Oracle painting and description will be created and sent to you within 4 weeks of ordering your Oracle painting.

When Ordering a Soul painting you yourself are a co-creator of size, colors and theme and you agree with artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard a day and time for a meeting and soul conversation.

You can now already book a non-binding interview with Helle Louise by writing to info@artlui.dk