Hideaway to Norway??

While many of you are healing South this summer, the arrow in the compass turns Up NORTH to my daughter and I. This time I take my oldest daughter on a discovery journey. We have packed the yoga mat in the backpack.

I have given Smilla in dimensional gift; a special message of love and wisdom. In a while, we go to Northern Norway, all the way down where the sun does not go down and there is only 9 degrees heat right now.

We will live on a small island called Fleinvær, which serves as an Antarctic hideaway. We will immerse ourselves in meditation, yoga, sauna, freshly caught fish and HIKES. It’s an entry into many plans that promise inspiration, reflection, recharging and fresh air for thoughts, lungs, hearts and cells, and hopefully one step further in clarity and new ideas.

It will also be a challenge both mentally and physically, but we are ready.

We Will be away to the Norwegian High Mountains from 13-23 July

However, the Art-Lui Gallery will be open Tues. July 17 from 11 am – 1 Pm and Thurs. July 19 from 11 am – 1 Pm .

Summer blessings for you ? contact: + 45 22434727

Lui ⚓️?????