Magical Norway??

A magnificent and magical journey is about to end and a new journey begins.

When my daughter Smilla I began Our journey we knew that this trip would be special and challenging. It has in every way been a border-seeking journey but in the right good magical way. We have slept in a small flying penthouse that has cradled us into sleep on a small island with only 8 inhabitants, one of which is the great Nordic artist Are Andreasen. We have meditated, made yoga and hiked in the most magnificent nature and in temperatures ranging from 9-30 degrees of heat. We have bathed in the cleanest water and showered with heated rainwater outside. We have warmed ourselves in a sauna overlooking the sea and heated by firewood in a tiled stove, accompanied by Andrea. We have been on boat trips and eaten the greenest and most beautiful food cooked by Cait and Smilla. We have lived 4 women for 7 days in this nature paradise and it feels like 7 weeks. We are filled with gratitude and look forward to seeing all the inspiration and manifestations unfold.

The pictures speak for themselves.

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