I get my inspiration and guidance in the creation of a soulpainting by listening to you and my spiritual guides. I have always had a natural contact with my Angels and spiritual guides, that assist me when I paint.

This is the reason why I live and work in my West coast studio at Tranum Strangård and  at the west coast studio in the North Atlantic lighthouse in the city of Hanstholm, where I find the inner peace to create these paintings.


During our conversation we will agree on size, personal color scheme and theme if required and the painting will be created on the basis of our mutual agreement. My most important mission is to create a personal soulpainting, which will bring calmness and healing into your home.

I also create healing lovepaintings in all sizes, both for private homes and companies, domestic as well as internationally in close cooperation with architects and galleries.

I am often asked, how I keep painting such positive, healing and joyful paintings and if I never feel sad.

My answer to this is that, it is exactly my challenges as a human, and all the pain that I carry and all the wonderful people I meet along my way, that inspire me with their life stories and who direct me into the life core of pain, longing, sorrow, darkness and who help me transform these feelings into light, faith, hope and love.

My mission as an artist is to constantly keep moving through the transformation, to revert all the pain and darkness into light and serenity, however always with the fragments of an unpredictable mystery.

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