6,000 DKK

Wood of Art #17
“Guarding Light”
22×22 cm

After Original paintings.

Artwork on both sides.

This work has been selected to be part of the upcoming Solo exhibition at Tranum Strandgård, but you can reserve it already now and have the unique work shipped after August 7th 2022.

Please Pay now and your artwork Will be shipped to you after the exhibition on August 7th.

For sale


Wood of Art #17 – “Guarding Light” – Signature
22×22 cm

The work table has been created into Art aesthetics from original paintings by Helle Louise.

Each of the twenty artworks are completely unique and  carefully prepared.

The pieces of art have retained the authentic surface from the work table where writing and personal symbols are to be seen which is also a part of the finished original and aesthetic work.

Titles named after original large paintings in which some are presented in the current exhibition. Several of them can be found in
the Art Book “The unpredictable Beauty Of life” by artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard.

It has become a series of soulful and unique pieces of art.