Personal Oracle or soulpainting

Are you longing for something to touch you?

Do you want to perpetuate a love energy, for yourself, your loved one, or in common, or a person who has passed away.

Are you getting married and want to give your loved one a love Oracle as a gift in the morning.

If you walk around with unresolved grief, then you should know that you are not alone

There is help and support for you.

I invite you to the creation of your own personal Oracle or Soul Painting.

For information, an Oracle painting is a slightly different version of what I call a Soul painting.

Let me give you a brief description of both:

A Soul Painting is a larger painting where you yourself are with the creator by telling me a piece of your life story, by telephone or physical meeting either in Copenhagen or in North Jutland, from where I use my intuition and color science together with you as a guide to a color palette that harmonizes with your color wishes to create a healing masterpiece for your home in exactly the canvas size you want.

When ordering a Soul Painting, you yourself are a co-creator of size, colors and theme, and you agree with artist Helle Louise Kierkegaard a day and time for a meeting and soul conversation. Helle Louise offers interviews both physically present in both of her locations: Copenhagen and Tranum Strand (North Jutland) – Mail and telephone interviews are also popular.

An Oracle painting is a small size 30 x 30cm painting you can take with you everywhere and is basically a mantra and a message to you that I meditate on.

Quote from a customer after a Soul Conversation:

Dear Helle Louise,

Thank you very much for your confirmation and for the fantastic meeting. I was completely energized and filled with joy, hope and gratitude when I went home.

My thoughts revolve around our conversation and I have a wonderful sensation in my body. It was a meeting on so many levels – changing, nourishing and yes – soulful. An important meeting between two souls, where the energies struck sparks in a bodily wondrous way.

I am looking forward to the process – it is already underway.

Anita Øland

Psychologist, Cand.psych.aut.

Director at Psykologerne Aps