Divine timing is when everything you have worked for comes together. ~ It is when your inner Loveship arrives
~ It is when Childhood memories becomes your breathing and you finally let Go of toxic thoughts and start to cherish your newborn inner child of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the Oceon.

Divine timing is when you start to say “ I am and I’m going “ ~ where Rainbow blessings are dancing in the arms of playfull souls in infinite waters ~ where you surround yourself with starseeds of Earth and Fire.

Divine timing is when you wake up one morning
and realize that you have the power to heal Mother Earth so that She Can heal you back in millions ways and tell you that everything is going to be okay and that you are divine Love.

Divine timing is when you listen to the spirit whisper of abundance and alchemy and you pick an Earth flower and let youself swim into the Oceon and marry your inner soul in the Cathedral of the deep sea. ~ from where you Will plant your starseed and rise up from the cradle of love deep within you.’

Divine timing is when you have learnt to allways expect something wonderfull ~ it is when you expect magic
That magic Will sourround you and you become your own Rainbow in love and in peace.


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