Lui is back from a spiritual journey to Spain.

Lui is back from a spiritual journey to Spain.
” I was visiting my daugther Smilla who lives in Northern Spain in the city of Santander.
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We started our journey together in Seville, then Malaga, then finally the magnificent City of Santander. We started out by an enchanted and very intense time in Seville during all Easter days. We were participating the Holy Feast of Easter parades and prayers for 12  intense hours the day we arrived. We were among so strong vibes everywhere and highly reccurection Energies all over for mAny days.

Through the Holy Easter days and this sacred journey in so many ways we discovered such a powerfull unprecedented depth and thoughtfulness. It is always constructive to move on geographically when ones have to accomplish clear vision of big decisions. This journey totally catch me and that’s good.

Lui is working on her Semi exhibition in Galleri Knud Grothe,